Pinch Provisions is the leading purveyor of personal care kits and emergency essentials. Known for providing all of the essentials you need in pinch for a variety of scenarios, we sought to develop a new product that combined the gift-ability of the traditional bottle tag with the essentials you need to recover from hangover. Each kit contains two breath strips, electrolytes, pain reliever, and a facial cleansing towelette to help the recipient bounce back from the previous evening's activities.

As someone passionate about all things food and drink related, this project was an absolute blast to work on. The tags were designed to fit over a wide variety of bottles from champagne to scotch in order to making gifting easy for everyone. The kits currently focus on three areas including holidays, birthdays, and general celebrations with plans to expand the line into other areas as well. The kits are carefully packed in custom cellophane bags with a backer card. As a fun surprise element, each backer card contains a cocktail recipe inside for the person who purchased the kit to enjoy.

In addition to developing the product, designing the kits themselves as well as the packaging, I also was responsible for the art direction for the two images on this page which were used in our Holiday 2017 catalog.



product development, packaging, iconography

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These kits are available for purchase on Pinch Provisions website!